Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two For Tuesday!

Hello Hello! Happy Two for Tuesday! I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for another excellent Link Party! I fell like I am getting much better at blogging! I also feel like my products are getting better too! 

We are on to Week 6! Summer SLOW DOWN!! Before we all know it, we will be back at school! 

Anyways today I am sharing two items with you that are great for the first month of school! I want to be prepared this year! I have been created many beginning of the year centers in order to keep my students busy. You know especially those first two weeks of school when you are assessing them to see what they know and don't know! I also know I have a couple of students who are going to be higher then the rest, so I want to make sure I have challenging things for them to work on right off the bat! So here we go.....

Number One:


This is a great center for students. There are 12 sets of sentences. Students pick a set of cards, read the words, then have to place the cards in order to create a complete sentence. Once sentences are set, students copy sentences onto page that is provided. They may illustrate what the sentence is telling them. This makes sure students are held accountable for their center work! My students love this center! I have a summer set too! 
It is normally $3 but today it is $1.75!! 

Number 2:

This is another great product for the beginning of the year! This includes 3 ELA centers, all apple themed! Center 1-Types of sentences. Students sort sentences according to what needs to be placed at the end, period, exclamation point, or question mark. All sentences are about apples.
Center 2-Fact/Opinion. Student read cards and decide if the information given is a fact or an opinion. 
--Both these centers have a follow up activity to hold students accountable for their center work!
Center 3-Short Vowel Sort. Students look at picture cards and sort according to their medial sound..all short vowel sounds. 
This is normally $4 but today it can be yours for only $2! Snatch it up!! 

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Hi Allson! Your blog is super cute and your lit products are a STEAL of a deal! I'm your newest follower and a blog newbie, myself. Can I add your blog to my Great Blogs by Grade Level page?
    Mrs. Renz Class

    1. I would love for you to!! Thank You! Thank You!


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