Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 for Tuesday!

Hello from Ohio! It is my last day out here...then back to Vegas and my normal life. I have not done much blogging while I have been here due to being so busy running around! But I wanted to link up with The Teaching Tribune for a 2 for Tuesday~! 

Here are my two items that are on SALE today! Check them out!!
First t up...Fact and Opinion-Task Cards! These are also School Themed. As you can tell, I am working on making sure my students have things to work on the first month back! This is normally $3 also BUT today is $1.50.  Snag it up while you can! And please please leave some feedback! 

Next up: 
This is another great product for the beginning of the year! This includes 3 ELA centers, all apple themed! Center 1-Types of sentences. Students sort sentences according to what needs to be placed at the end, period, exclamation point, or question mark. All sentences are about apples.
Center 2-Fact/Opinion. Student read cards and decide if the information given is a fact or an opinion. 
--Both these centers have a follow up activity to hold students accountable for their center work!
Center 3-Short Vowel Sort. Students look at picture cards and sort according to their medial sound..all short vowel sounds. 
This is normally $4 but today it can be yours for only $2! Snatch it up!! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Only a few more weeks left till I head back to school!!!

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