Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 For Friday-Love Month!

Hola! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday after an amazing week! I am loving my job even more then normal this week. My students have been so on this week. I got to give them an experience they will never forget and maybe never get a chance to do again. Read on to find out what...I just love weeks like this. I love when they are so eager to learn that you can see it in their eyes! :) It just makes my heart feel so happy and remind me why I went into teaching!

First off....let me express how into Doughnuts I have been lately. Cupcakes and Teaching...what...I may have to change it to Doughnuts and Teaching! Ha! I don't know why but I have literally been craving doughnuts! And just look at how perfect this one looks! YUM!! 

^That is soooo true too! Good thing I love to run or these doughnuts would be NOT a good idea for breakfast!! Ha!

3D Shapes! I love using food when I teach. For some reason it just gets my students that much more motivated! And they are just little marshmallows...Who knew these little things would be such a hit with them! (Ok Ok...I did know but it just cracks me up every time I use them!) They loved building their shapes...but I think they enjoyed eating the leftover ones more! Ha! 

This little girl just makes me smile! She doesn't need to stand on the stool but she was all about. She was dancing right before I snapped this picture of her. I love when she wears her little pink cowboy boots! here it is! This was the BEST part of my week!!! So I teach in a very low income area and the majority of my students are Hispanic and get free or reduced lunch and breakfast. So they are not rolling in the dough. 
I put in earlier this year for a chance to get to go to The Smith Center of Performing Arts, which is a new theater  here in Las Vegas. Back in October they selected my school for the chance to go and see a play for free!!!I had a ton of paper work to fill out, and all the other stuff that goes along with planning a field trip....but it was SOOOOO worth it! Just to see the faces of all my students plus the rest of the 1st graders as we walked into the theater that is all marble and fancy in the lobby, then into the actual room. 

This is them walking into the lobby and looking at everything. I took a few pictures of them and in the place even though I wasn't suppose to...SHHH!!!  :)

My class got to sit in the box seats on the side of the theater! We were the only class from my school and the only class in the whole place! It made my students feel so special! Plus it was nice since I was the one who did most of the work for it! They loved it and so did I! It was an amazing experience for them. Like I said, most of them will probably never have a chance to go back there for a play. (Side for Broadway shows and such are so expensive...even for me! )

We saw Dinosaur Train....The people were behind the puppets. It was honestly such an amazing day! We all got back on the bus with huge smiles on our faces. Oh and I didn't tell you...this was most of their first times on the bus! ??Huh?? You are probably thinking right....we have no buses that come to my school. All my students walk to school...or drive. We have SO many schools in Las Vegas, that they are so close to one another....All the students that come to school live within a 3 mile radius, so the school district does not provide buses for them. Crazy right! 
So yea...first time on a bus for most of them too! 
Amazing Day! 

 This is actually from last Friday Happy Hour with the teachers...It is me and Lobster! Lobster Love! They have a machine that you try to win a lobster know the claw machine that normally has stuffed animals or things in....well this one at the bar has Lobsters...and I got one!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope everyone had just as an amazing week as I did! Keep Teaching!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently ~ Loving February

Getting back into my Blogging! I am loving my kiddos! January was amazing with them and I am looking so forward to the rest of the year with them! So happy to be back in the classroom! And so happy to be figuring my life back out. Teaching makes it amazing! 

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