Thursday, January 15, 2015

5 for Friday~Back at it!

Hello Hello! Happy Friday! This has been a very long week! And next week will be even longer! But lets keep it going! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday

EGGS! I was so on top of things this week! I made these eggs Sunday night and was set for breakfast all week! I had these every day on a piece of toast. I mixed up what else I put on them...I put some smoked salmon one day, another day I put  on shrimp from my shrimp tacos with some guac and salsa. They were amazing! You should all try them out! 

My little ones have been so cute and so good lately. We  were working on fact families, well reviewing after break. They did so well too! 

HAHAHA! I read this and laughed so hard! I don't think others thought it was as funny as me. But I wanted to share it with you all! Hopefully it made you all chuckle!!

LICE! Not me! But 3 girls got sent home today with it! I saw bugs in one of the little girls hair and eggs in the others. NOT GOOD! My whole room will be getting checked in the AM...lets hope no one else has it! I could not stop itching my head today after the girls got sent home. I however did wash my hair with this stuff...I can't take any chances!! 

BOOKED! Yep..just booked my ticket to Chi-Town!! Meeting up with 2 of my girlfriends from Ohio and Indy. Then meeting up with other friends who live in the city! I can't wait! Not for a month or so but still!! 

Hope everyone had a great week! Keep teaching on!