Friday, November 21, 2014

5 for Friday~Turkey Turkey!

It has been a busy busy week! This was our first full week in November! So we jammed a ton stuff into it! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!

 We were busy with math centers this week. We are working on counting by tens along with reviewing our addition facts.What better way then with turkeys and and footballs! Fall Favorites!  

Gobble Gobble Gobble! 
We did some turkey research and finished it up with our informative writing. My students did such a great job on these! We used our tree maps to help up generate sentences about turkeys. 
What type of writing program do you use at your school?


We had new fluency sentences to read this week too. They were all fall themed too! Their pointers for this month have been big turkey feathers! They love them! 

We also worked on our sentence scrambles! This is a great part of my writing center. I change them up every month.

I went to The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay Thursday night for some free wine and for this view of the strip. When I am up there, I tend to forget about the rest of the world. Which is a good thing sometimes.

And I will leave you with this....This happens more often in my life then I realize. Sometimes I think it is because I am too nice of a person. Which is a good thing sometimes but sometimes not....I let people walk over me sometimes and take advantage. 
Anyone else in the same boat? Or is it just me? 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November-5 for Friday-Well maybe Saturday!

Hello Blogging World! I have not blogged since October! Crazy! So one reason I have not blogged is I have been so busy at school...but to tell you the truth I was actually starting to catch up about a week ago and thought how I was going to have some time to blog...THEN...a whirl-wind literally came and threw my life into pieces. You know when I started this blog I started it to join the teaching world and help promote the products in my store and gain some teaching friends from around the country. I never thought about crazy people using it to spy on me? I was never concerned about writing anything about my relationship or life on here(Not that I ever wrote that much about it). But it turns out some crazy girl (I hope you are reading this and see that I am OK because I am better then you.) who has had it out for me... had been reading it. People who do things to intentionally hurt people really bother me. Especially when they should be worrying about their own lives and their actions. Anyways...enough about that....I am ready to start my blogging again and continue to live my life the way I want to live it. 

So on that note...I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching 5 for Friday. Even if its not Friday....better late then never right?! :) So here we go! 


Just a little recap on October in my room. We were very busy! We learned about bats, spiders and pumpkins. My students were so excited to learn about everything. They are little sponges...they suck it all up!  We participated in the school pumpkin contest. My students voted and created the whole pumpkin on their own. All I did was buy the pumpkin and stick the wings and ears in. We won by the way! Yeah! That is a picture of one of my little girls working on her interactive notebook page on a story from Reading A-Z. 

So this month...has been crazy. Not even mentioning my personal life...but school. We had a 3 day week and then another 3 day week. This week coming up will be our first full week of school. CRAZY! Which makes it so hard to plan.  

I have not done a lot of creating this month, which is kind of sad. Since last month I sold over 100 products and I was so pumped for this month. But, its OK, life goes on and I will be on top of things for December. :) HoHoHo!  

My November Sentence Scrambles  is something my students have been using in our writing center. There are 12 different sentences for them to unscramble, write and draw. This has come a center that I create every month, which is nice, my students already know what to do when I put out the new sentences.

 Turkey Time is an activity I use with my students in reading groups and have in centers. This version is words with blends. This game helps my students become more fluent readers with words that contain blends. Students pick cards and read words, if students pick up the dinner time card...they have to put all cards back. It can go on forever. Which my students don't seem to mind! 

This is our dizzy turkey, that is up on the board in our room. My students each wrote something they knew about turkeys on a post it and then stuck it up on the turkey. 

We started place value in the month of November. I made some place value pals to introduce the different place values and my students loved them! 

I got to hang out with these two adorable little girls today. They are my favorite dogs...I love when I get to puppy sit! Little Wiener Dogs...too cute!

Someone sent me this today and it made me laugh. However, it is kind of true. 

Well until next time! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OCTOBER Already!!!

Hello Hello! I feel like I have not blogged in forever! The first month of school has been CRAZY! I have 24 1st graders...I am grade level chair in charge of 3 brand new teachers and 2 vets. We have a new computer program for grading and attendance that is still a mess! And Monday we get a new 1st grade teacher...each of us are loosing 2-4 students and having a new prep schedule. Just when I thought we were set in our routines....they go and change it all up again!! AHHHHH

Any is my October Currently!


Listening...catch up on college football news! Sports Center! I LOVE Saturdays in the fall! College football is my fav!!

LOVING...that we are not having highs in the 80s here! Yep 80s. Still a bit warm during the day but the mornings and nights are in the 60s. It smells and feels like fall. 

Thinking...That I am going to be so sad when they pick the 2-3 students in my class that are going to move to a new class. I literally love all my students. I have no behavior problems or trouble makers...they are all so smart and so hard working. I literally may cry! :( catch up! This new computer program for attendance and grading is a PAIN! We finally got it almost working and now they are going to mess with it again. Plus add a new teacher to our mix that I will have to help mentor. How do you all do it? How do you have time to blog, create things, teach, eat, sleep, workout and have a life. Not mention those of you who have children too!! Yeeesh! I get caught up on something or try to balance things out and then I loose something else. 

Needing...some down time. I just want to be able to lay on the couch and snuggle with my sweetie. We are both so busy right now that I feel like we never have a chance. My DVR is starting to get a lot of stuff on it. It is waiting for us to have some free time. Between school...kickball...people visiting....working ....drums...we have NO time to just hang out. 

TREAT! I want to make some brownies! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

5 for Friday-Week 3 of School!

Hello! I have been so busy at school that I have not had any time to blog! How do you all do it?! I am hoping once my students get into the swing of things and so do I! Well I am linking up with Miss Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

This is how I made it through the week! I am living on this! Plus it is saving me money! So I don't have to stop at Starbucks!! Has anyone else tried this? It really isn't that bad! I don't know how I would make it through the week without it!

Monkey Madness! We worked on Short A this week! My students are doing so well! I am so impressed actually! I can't wait till this afternoon to see how they do on their spelling test! Do you give spelling tests? Some teachers I teach with do not give spelling tests...How about you?

Noun Scoot! Next week I will start teaching my students about Nouns so I created this for them to do at the end of the unit! It is perfect for them. They really seem to enjoy Scoot. I love how it gets them up and moving but they are still working! 
Check it Out!

Christmas is right around the corner!? Well it is at Hobby Lobby! I walked in and could not believe it! I went in looking at the Halloween and Fall decorations...not needing anything! But of course walked out with things. Hobby Lobby ALWAYS gets me! I refused to buy Christmas stuff though! WAY TO EARLY IN MY BOOK! 

It's me! My sister drew it for me! I am in love with it! Plus the one under it with Me and 2 of my little students! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I cannot believe it is September already! This year is flying by! I can't believe it! I am linking up with this months Currently to Oh Boy it's 4th Grade

So Currently...

Listening to...Michael typing away in the other room. He is writing a work email at 10:41 at night while I blog and work away on a Sunday night! I am also listening to some Water Slide show..nothing else is on TV. But I now want to go to Costa Rica...there is a quarter mile slide down a mountain on it that goes 40MPH! Looks pretty neat! 

Loving...Having my own class again! I lover my first graders already! The past 2 years I have been a reading interventionist, and testing coordinator. It was alright...but I just didn't enjoy it enough. This year is going to be amazing though. I can feel it!

Thinking...I should go to bed soon because I am trying to get over being sick!

Wanting...TO GET BETTER! I got sick from the first week of school! I ran myself too thin. 5 days of working all day, 1 late night concert, open house, plus two long runs. I was running a little sleep and lots of coffee. I guess my students germs got to me. So Friday night I felt horrible! Did I mention my best friend is in town visiting this weekend and my parents! So I am trying to catch up on sleep, get better plus still hang out with everyone!
Did anyone else get sick from going back to school? Or am I just the weird one? clean my house! I have been so focused on getting my classroom ready for the first day of school, I have been slacking on my house! Oppps! 
Anyone else have this happen to them? I need to work on balancing everything out! 

Trips...Well I am adding Costa Rica after watching that cool water slide that is there. I would also love to go to Italy. I have been to Paris and loved it...people I know that have been to both say Italy is better. My mother being one of them! She went with my sister and her company last year for a trip. (I couldn't go because it was in September and I was already back in school!) I have always wanted to go to Seattle..I want to ride a fairy boat..I am a little of a Grays Anatomy Craze I think I am a fan of it because of the show. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

5 for Friday and My First Week!

Oh my goodness! I can not express how tired I am! Who I am kidding...I am sure you all know how I am feeling! After the first week of school I am sure we all feel the same way...EXHAUSTED!!  I am running on coffee and redbull! However It was an amazing week! I am so happy to be back in the classroom! My students are great and so is my first grade team! I could not have asked for a better first week!

So I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her 5 for Friday! This is the first time I have had all week to really sit down and actually blog or look at blogs while I relax!

I started off my week with Chester the Raccoon in the Kissing Hand and then moved on to Chester and the Big Bad Bully. After that we read The Juice Box Bully! My students were great during all three books. They all discussed it after. We talked about setting, characters, the problem and the solution. I was impressed that many of them already knew what all of those meant. We did this follow up activity for The Juice Box Bully! My boyfriend said they were Juice Boxes on Steroids! Hahah!There is a copy of this in my store for free. I posted these pictures on my instagram and I had some teachers ask about it. So I stuck it up in my store really fast. 

On Wednesday I introduced Syllables. For some it was a review because they remembered it from Kinder, for others, they were learning this as new. My students did a great job with the interactive notebook. I was kind of nervous but they were on task the whole time. I showed them how to do and reviewed it all with them and then they went to work. While I called on students to come back to my table to read sightwords for me and do the CORE Phonics test with me. As the week went on we also did a syllable Scoot and they did a great job at that too! Have I mentioned that I am so excited about this class..they seem very smart! 

Today...I introduced a couple of my centers. Below is something that is at my writing center. This is my sentence sorts or sentence scrambles. Students sort cards according to the picture. They then take the cards with the same pictures, read the words and sort them to make a sentence that makes sense. This took a little explaining to each group but I feel like after a couple of times they will understand. Once they sort it, they write the sentence and draw a picture to go with it. This is also in my store.

This is another center I created for my students and introduced this week. This is for beginning sounds. Students look at the picture on the card then decide which sound they hear. Then they clip the clip on that letter. When they are all done, they flip over the card and check to see if they were right. (I draw a little dot on the correct spot they should have the clip) This way it is a self assessing center! 

I said this was a very busy week! Not only was it busy at school but it was also busy AFTER school. I had open house on Thursday night and Wednesday night I went to see Brad Paisley with my boyfriend. Brad is one of my favorite country singers (Behind my boyfriend of course! ;) If you have never seen him and you enjoy country...I encourage you to go. He puts on a great show! 

I hope everyone is having a great first couple weeks of school! And I hope your students are as amazing as mine are!