Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It! #6

Holy Cow Summer! SLOW DOWN! I feel like summer is flying by! I cannot believe it! I still have tons of things I want to make and do before I have to head back to school at the start of August! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Don't you wish sometimes you had a pause button or a slow motion button? Anyways...I have been busy this week with a lot of personal stuff going on BUT I still had some time to get some stuff done! Yeah! So lets get it started!

Here is it Made it Monday Link Party with the one and only 4th Grade Frolics!

I am actually going to start out with something that I did not make but my darling boyfriend did. I am not sure if you caught it on my blog last week, since I know, like most people, Holidays keep a lot of us busy and not so much glued to our computers! 

So number one is a Country Music Video! Which my boyfriend...CREATED...and when I say created I mean...wrote, sang, played the guitar, played the drums, and produced the whole video! Talk about Made It! He literally MADE the whole darn thing! He is so musically talented, it blows my mind! Since I cannot hold a pitch for the life of me! Anyways...Check out the Video! The song is even on Itunes..along with Spotify, IHeart, Amazon Music, Google name it! It is on it! 
Listen to it and Leave some feedback! Please!
I am extremely proud of this Made It Monday! (Even if I didn't make it!) 

I have to have a mirror in my classroom! Some of my students come from very broken homes, and getting ready for school at home is very hard for them. Under my sink, I often have brushes, clips, ponytail holders, combs, wet wipes, etc. for my students to use. Since my classroom is going to be chalkboard themed with bright colored, it was only common sense for my mirror to be black. (It used to be green..I forgot to take a picture before I painted it!) I got the letters from Michael's they are felt and were on sale for 49 cents! The gems, I had in my craft room. Nothing to fancy, just something simple and nice for my students to fix themselves up in. Plus a little reminder to SMILE! :)

My Writing Folders are ready to go! I just created a simple label for them. Printed them all out, cut and taped them to the folders. I left some of it not taped, so I can write students name on the line. The labels are in my teacher pay teachers store for free if you would like to snatch them up and use them in your classrooms.
 If you download PLEASE make sure you leave some feedback!!

Last Popsicle garland! I do not have a mantel to decorate for each holiday so I use my shelf and usually my TV stand. I used to have stars up for the 4th of July. But since that is over...I moved on to Popsicles! Don't they look yummy! Nothing too fancy here. Just got a popsicle off the computer..printed it out and then traced it out on different scrapbook papers, cut them out and used some twine to string them together.  I am a huge holiday/seasonal decorator!

Thank You so much for stopping by! For all of you who are heading to VEGAS this week for all the fun...ENJOY! I am actually heading out of VEGAS this week and heading to Ohio! I know...I Know...I did not think this thru when  I booked my ticket to go back east and visit friends and family! But ENJOY the HOT HOT weather! 


  1. Love the purpose behind your mirrors. You're a sweet teacher for thinking of your kids and their self-esteem. In what area do you teach?

    1. Thank You! I teach in Las the North part.

  2. I love your popsicle garland, that is adorable!!!

    Sun, Sand & Second Grade

  3. Thanks for the freebie! I'm always looking for a fun way to spruce up the kid's supplies ;) what a talented boyfriend you have!

    1. You are very welcome! And Thank You!

  4. I made a popsicle bunting last year for my Sweet Shoppe classroom. So cute! I love the bites being taken out!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  5. I love the popsicle garland! Awesome idea with the mirror and products for your students!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  6. That popsicle garland is adorable!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

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  8. What a wonderful person you are! Happy to have found your blog.
    This Old Art Room

    1. Awww why thank you very much!!

  9. I love your mirror story! You are such a sweet person! And I'm off to check out the song now! That's so cool!

    I'm your newest follower!

    Beyond The Gradebook

    1. Thank You so much for the follow! I hope you enjoyed the song too!


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