Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 for Friday and a GIVEAWAY!

Hello! Happy Friday! 

I have been very busy this week! This has technically been my last week of summer. Next week starts our Kinder Bridge Summer School.I am very excited to get back and see the little munchkins! 

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for 5 for Friday! Make sure you read all the way down...I am holding my FIRST giveaway! Please take part in it!! 

I made these! I am loving them! I hung them up in my classroom this week too! I wish I would have taken a picture of them on the bulletin board! Next week! Do not worry! I was so impressed with the way they turned out! 

I also put this together this week! I had an old mason jar (the new things you know) I added some magnetic letters to fill in the jar, and put in some flowers I got from Michael's. Then I added a little school house ribbon! This is now on my TV stand and it makes me smile, when I look at it. 

I am still loving this Pronoun Scoot ! I love the cute little guys in it! They are just so adorable! Go check this out in my store! I cannot wait to use them in my classroom. I am working on a set of Nouns and Verb Scoot! So stay tuned! 

My Hair!:) Love my braid! 

It is a KICKBALL weekend! I am heading to Colorado with my kickball team...We are playing in a big tournament and hopefully with do well. If we place in the top 3 we will win a cash prize! There are 21 teams and we are ranked 14th I think. But you never know! So cross your fingers we do well!!  

Now for my FIRST giveaway! 

There are 15 sentences for students to put into the right order. Students work on building sentence and putting words in the correct order to create a complete sentence. 
You can check it out in my store too.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

2 for Tuesday!

Happy 2 for Tuesday! I cannot believe school is right around the corner! It is so excited and so sad at the same time. I can't wait to meet my new students and start out on our journey but I don't want to say good-bye to my summer either. I am going to miss my pool days! 

I have 2 great products, that are great for the start of the school year. They are both half off in my store right now. Please come check them out and check out the other items I have that are also great to start out the school year! 

Monster Mash
This is great for students to practice short vowel sounds and digraphs. There is 4 different centers included in this pack. 2 short vowel and 2 digraph centers. 
The 2 short vowel centers are...Monster Match Ups, Students match the short vowel pictures to the short vowel words. This helps students blend and sound out words. Along with matching to the picture...which helps with vocabulary. The other short vowel center is a short vowel board game. Students pick a card and determine the vowel sound that they hear in the word. Once students determine the sound they hear, they move to that letter. 
The 2 digraph centers are...Monster Match Ups...Students look at a picture and determine the digraph sounds that they hear...SH, CH, TH, WH, Ph. The other center is also a board game...This is similar to the short vowel one. Students pick a card and determine the digraph sound they hear in the word and move to that digraph.
This is normally $3.75 in my it is $1.80! This is a HUGE steal!! 
Grab it before the sale ends!!

Apple Math Centers!
This is also a great deal! If you snagged my Apple ELA centers from the other week...this is a great center to go along with that! 
This includes 3 math centers that are Common Core related. 
Apple Word Problems..
26 cards with addition and subtraction word problems. They can be used in a center or as word problem Scoot! 
Apple Additon:
<10, >10, =10
Number sentence sort...students mentally solve number sentences and determine if the answer is greater than, less than, equal to.
Apple Addition:True or False
Number sentence sort-Students mentally solve number sentences and determine if the number sentence is true or false. 
This center is normally $3.50 but today it is...$1.75! This is an AMAZING deal for 3 math centers!! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy these great deal and great centers for your students! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Made It Monday! I have been busy!

Made It Monday! This is my last one before heading back to school! I don't start the school year until August 25th, however our Kinder students come to school for the first two weeks of school for half a day. This way they learn the ins and outs of school. Most of our students are ELL and do not speak much English, nor do they attend preschool. So they really do not know what to do. We call the first 2 weeks of August, Kinder Bridge...Bridging them into Kinder? I guess. I am not a Kinder teacher, so I do not have a class, but I am in charge of the program. I will be in and out of all 5 Kinder classes, helping with enrollment and making sure the little munchkins go to the right room and what not. I am very excited to head back and get them started! 

So since I will be busy with them for the next two weeks, I have been very busy! I am linking up with Miss 4th Grade Frolics! Sorry for the CRAZY picture overload! 

I made new pockets for my chairs! I sewed 6 of them up, with the help of my darling little sister while I was in Ohio. These are not good picture...but once I take them to school I will snap a few new pictures of them in children chairs. So I made 6 pockets to keep at my reading table. They will store different bags of sight words, letter tiles, and probably a white board and marker. This way I do not have to pass things out all the time. Students will be able to just pull it out of their pocket. 

Burlap Pencils! I went a little crazy with them! So I started with just the WRITE banner. This is going to be put in my classroom writing center. Then I had some extra burlap so I decided to make each of my 1st grade teachers a pencil to hang on their door with the first letter of their last name. I have two brand new teachers this year and I thought this would be a nice little welcome present for them. I am also grade level chair, so I figured the first day when everyone comes in I will have this on top of their binder that I have all set up for them. 

This one is mine!!!

Then I started with the labels for all sorts of things in my classroom!

This will be on my writing table to store everything for my writing center in! These containers are from The Container Store! Love Them! 

This is the writing caddie. 

This will be be for all the supplies...pencils, scissors, crayons, markers, colored pencils... 

These little pink ones are for my sentence cards. I have these for all different holidays, season, and what not. Students sort the words and create a sentence according to the picture on the card. They then write the sentence on a recording sheet and draw a picture to match. 
You can check them out in my store.

These are my math buckets. I put the labels on them but thought they were still kind of dull. So then I found this tape in my craft room and thought I could add some to the bucket. 

I think they look a little better with the tape around them! 

I have also been very busy with making things for my students to do and learn from in my classroom. I created 3 math centers, that are apple themed. They are perfect for the start of the year! 
Math word problems, True or False math number sentences, and sorting math number sentences by <, >, =

I also created these set of centers...Monster Mash. 4 different centers. These centers are helping students determine the short vowel sound that they hear, and the type of digraph that they hear. These are also great to use at the start of the year. Students match pictures to words, they also sort pictures according to the sounds that they hear in the word. 


 Just something pretty to sit on my TV stand. I used an old mason jar that I had, added some magnetic letters and numbers to be fillers, tied on a school themed ribbon and added some pretty flowers that I got from Michael's in the 70% off stuff! 

And I will leave you with my Man Crush Monday....Just a little extra :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

5 For Friday!

It is time for another 5 for Friday! I am linking up with the Doodle Bugs! This week has been a long and trying week! Monday was my Birthday so, last weekend I was out and about a lot! Along with all of this week! Monday night I had dinner and Wednesday and Thursday was I was out celebrating both of those nights very late! But I did manage to blog a little this week and create some cool stuff! Check it all out! 

My Birthday! The picture on the left is the tasty treat the restaurant gave me for my Birthday! My boyfriend took me to the Eiffel Tower we got to watch the fountains all night! I was so romantic! I just loved it! He knows I love Paris, since I have been there once...15 years ago in high school! Oh gosh! I am getting old! We had some amazing salmon and snapper! I just loved it! 

Build a Sentence! Back to School Themed! My students absolutely loved my summer themed, and fruit themed that I made at the end of the year. So I figured I would start them out with a back to school set as soon as we return! I plan on doing a set for each season/holiday! This helps students build a sentence that makes sense. You just have to print, and cut the cards up. Each sentence has 6 words in it, students read the words and decide what the order of them should be. Check it out in my store!

I just love this mug! Not a good school mug but it would be great for me to drink my tea or coffee out of at home! Speaking of which...I need to find a good school mug! Any suggestions on where to find one or what for it to say? 

My Pronoun Scoot is up and ready! I am very excited to use this one in my classroom too! A noun and verb one is in the process of being made also! So keep an eye out for it! 
This is to help students become familiar with which pronoun is the proper pronoun to use in a sentence. You can use this as a Scoot activity, or a center task card activity! 

LOVE this new purchase I just made! I heart washi tape!!