Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 for Friday- Week 2 of Summer Vaca!

Happyy Friday from Ohio! I have had a busy busy week! I feel like summer is flying by! Anyone else? It's time for 5 for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

This is from the other day when I was driving in Vegas. I thought the sun rays were so pretty! Just a great picture with the palm tree too.

Oh Target dollar section how I love you! Anyone else see these guys at their target, and snag them up? My students are going to be so excited to use these next year!

LateNight Trips to Walmart--So there is a pigeon problem! They built a nest on the neighbors roof and  they use Michael's backyard as they toilet. It is a bit funny watching him open the door and try to scare them away. He throws ice cubes at them and they run away as soon as he opens the curtains. So the next step is getting rid of the nest! Poor Peggy the Pigeon! Yes I named her Peggy! Anyways....we stopped at Walmart to pick up a water gun to shoot the nest away. I tell ya! 

Me sitting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight to Ohio, watching Jurassic World. My flight was delayed over 2 hours. So I had to entertain myself. Once we finally got on the plane they held us another hour! It took forever to leave! Then I slept the whole flight! I heart the red eye for that reason! 

OHIO! I made it! Sitting in my parents  backyard just enjoying the green and the flowers and the humidity!  VERY sticky! I'd take the 108 dry heat in Vegas any day but today...I was OK just relaxing in the outdoors. 

JACKPOT! I hit up a garage sale with my mom on the way back from the airport and they had TONS of puff balls! PERFECT for my puffy guys! I was pumped!! All those for $5!  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Monday Made It

Hello Hello! Happy Monday! It's time for Monday Made It! I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for another Monday! 

What says summer more then Watermelons! I did some painting on burlap! I traced and cut them out then painted. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but I wanted to make something fun! I used most of them to create a cute little string to hang from my shelf above my couch. I saved one and I am thinking I am going to use it on a wreath. Stay tuned for that next week!

I also created these this week. I realized I don't have color posters up in my classroom at all. So I figured I would create some simple ones to hang by my writing center and word wall. Check them out they are FREE in my store!

I also updated this in my store this week! I created these one right when I first started making things for teachers pay teachers and trust me it NEEDED an update! Check it is perfect for practice R-Controlled words!

So last up....Have any of you heard of Prezi?? Well I am taking an online class about technology in the classroom and one of my assignments was to create a presentation using this site. 
This was the one I made really fast to just try it out. But I am loving the program. No lie check it out and let me know what you think!

Summer Bucket List

Hello and Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine was pretty good minus the fact that the CAVS lost today. :( I am linking up with What a Teacher Wants to share my Summer Bucket List! 

Are any of these ^ on your bucket list? I found this on pinterest and really like it! I might print it out and hang it up some place in my house!!

This is Mine:

School: Yep you read it right! I want to paint a wall in my new classroom at my new school! I am out in a portable aka trailer aka bungalow. All depends on what you want to call it. Anyone ever taught in one of these before? I taught my first 3 years out in one and then got moved into the building. I decided to change schools after 9 years and moved closer to home for one reason, along with the fact that we adopted a new reading program at my old school that did away with reading centers! What is up with that? I couldn't see myself teaching reading without centers so that was my main reason for leaving. I have a lot to do in my classroom over this summer to be ready for next year!

Personal: I just want to keep my miles up and continue to work out as much as I can. Along with painting my bedroom and reading some books. 

Fun: DISNEYLAND! I am a HUGE HUGE Disney fan! I am going in July with someone who has never been and I can't wait to show them around!! Country concerts! I love country music and I love concerts! Especially outdoor ones! I am going to see Lady A next week! And I just won Little Big Town tickets on the radio! I am pumped!! Anyone else going to see any concerts this summer!?

Friday, June 12, 2015

5 for Friday- Week One of Summer Vaca

Hello, Hello! Happy Summer if you are on summer vacation. If not, happy end of the school year! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today for 5 for Friday!
I have had a very busy week!! 

How about Cavs!!! Let's hope they come back with a win on Sunday! I am pumped though, I fly home to Cleveland on Wednesday night! I am hoping for game 7 Thursday night, so I can watch a game down in Cleveland! Of if they win game 5 and 6 I'm ok with that too because then I will be home for the parade!! Either way I win! Unless they don't win :(.  Anyone else out there a Cavs Fan?

I got to meet Jiff the Dog! He is a Utube sensation! If you have never seen him, check out him Being Elvis! He is so stinking cute!! 

I saw this when I was scrolling through instagram this morning as I was still in bed at 10. Opppps! But I am loving the sleeping in! Anyone else? 

Archery! Watch out  Katnis! I could be the star of the next Hunger Games! HaHa! So it was Michael's birthday and I always like to take him to something or do something new. With living in Vegas there is ALWAYS new things popping up. So we went to the archery place, got a lesson and then shot for 2 hours. Lets just say we are now trained professionals! HaHa! I did by alright I mean I hit the a target almost every time...but it happened to his target! All my arrows went to the left! 

And last but not least....I just planned my next Disneyland Trip! The weekend before my birthday in July! I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

HELLO! Just wanted to say Happy Wednesday and link up with the Amazing Miss DeCarbo's Sugar and Spice... Wordless Wednesday! She is an amazing teacher and I have gotten so many great ideas from her this past year!

I just have one thing to say today.... GO CAVS! No words are needed for this picture below! Lets hope we win this year!! And if we could win in game 7 even though it is in Cali that would be great! Because I will be in Ohio for game 7!! BELIEVLAND!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Monday Made It~Synonym Cinnamon Rolls!

OK I am linking up with Monday Made it to show off the Chef hats I made for my students! These were so much fun, not to mention the whole entire lesson itself. I am going to share the whole activity. I know it's not your typical  Monday Made It, But since I just finished shoo on Friday I did NOT make anything over the weekend, I relaxed! Before getting back at it! But the rest of the summer I will be Making Stuff like crazy again!

So I realized I have not blogged in forever! I have been so busy with the end of the year and my life, that I have had NO down time at all! But It is officially Summer Vacation for me! And I am pumped for all the different linky parties that I can now take part in again, along with major creating of things on my life, and posting new products!  This year has FLOWN by! Anyone else feel the same way? I feel like I just started the school year with my adorable little ones! Saying goodbye to them was so sad. But enough about that...on to something I wanted to share, that I did with my students in the last month of school.

I did the contraction surgery this year, and the punctuation police activities and my students loved both of those! I remember seeing this blog last year from ... Miss Vericker's Adventures ...I saved this link and kept reminding myself that I wanted to do someone like that this year too. So I did! On one of those great Teachers Pay Teachers sales, I purchased this..... Synonym Rolls Center and Activities . 

I could not wait to use it! So this is how it turned out!!! 

1st off my students loved it! So every minute of prep was worth it! Note it did take some time getting it all together. We had learned about synonyms for about a week before we did this activity. 

-1st thing I had to do was make the hats! 22 Chef Hats! Made from sentence strips and 2 pieces of tissue paper. 
-2nd I had to "make" cinnamon rolls..OK I cheated on this one, and just bought already made Little Debbie Rolls, and just put them in tray. (I knew I wouldn't have enough time to make any)
-3rd I had to have the cinnamon rolls from the activity printed and put around the room. 

OK so this is how it went.....

My students worked with their Scoot Partners...I have a high and a low student paired together for Scoot activities...

They walked around the room with each other...wearing their Chef hats, with a clipboard that had a paper with 6 cinnamon rolls. They had to walk around and find 6 cinnamon rolls around the room. 
-This one had the word Large...Students wrote large on their cinnamon roll, and then on that same one they wrote synonyms for the word large. Some just wrote one, others wrote 2-3.  Other words were.. small, cash, house, rescue, fast,... 

OK so once they were all done, they went to their desk and colored and cut their synonym cinnamon rolls out. Then they brought them to my table, read them to me and then "baked them at my table" taped them into their trays. 

After everyone was done with their cinnamon rolls on their trays, it was time to finally EAT some! 

I called my Scoot Partners up together, then asked the high student to pick a roll, then the lower student had to find the synonym for the word their partner asked for. Then it was time to eat them!

My students absolutely loved this activity! They had so much fun, and were all very engaged! 

I thank Miss Vericker's Adventures so much for sharing this activity on her blog last year! And Christie over at First (&2nd) Grade Fever! for her activities that she has in her store. Go check them both out!! 

Happy Summer!