Friday, July 25, 2014

5 For Friday!

It is time for another 5 for Friday! I am linking up with the Doodle Bugs! This week has been a long and trying week! Monday was my Birthday so, last weekend I was out and about a lot! Along with all of this week! Monday night I had dinner and Wednesday and Thursday was I was out celebrating both of those nights very late! But I did manage to blog a little this week and create some cool stuff! Check it all out! 

My Birthday! The picture on the left is the tasty treat the restaurant gave me for my Birthday! My boyfriend took me to the Eiffel Tower we got to watch the fountains all night! I was so romantic! I just loved it! He knows I love Paris, since I have been there once...15 years ago in high school! Oh gosh! I am getting old! We had some amazing salmon and snapper! I just loved it! 

Build a Sentence! Back to School Themed! My students absolutely loved my summer themed, and fruit themed that I made at the end of the year. So I figured I would start them out with a back to school set as soon as we return! I plan on doing a set for each season/holiday! This helps students build a sentence that makes sense. You just have to print, and cut the cards up. Each sentence has 6 words in it, students read the words and decide what the order of them should be. Check it out in my store!

I just love this mug! Not a good school mug but it would be great for me to drink my tea or coffee out of at home! Speaking of which...I need to find a good school mug! Any suggestions on where to find one or what for it to say? 

My Pronoun Scoot is up and ready! I am very excited to use this one in my classroom too! A noun and verb one is in the process of being made also! So keep an eye out for it! 
This is to help students become familiar with which pronoun is the proper pronoun to use in a sentence. You can use this as a Scoot activity, or a center task card activity! 

LOVE this new purchase I just made! I heart washi tape!!


  1. I have the same washi tape! It's the start of my (tiny) collection! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook

  2. I found your cute blog from Teaching Madness, so glad to "meet" you. Happy belated Birthday! I just love that restaurant...your boyfriend did Funny mug, but I agree probably not appropriate for school. I saw a cup that said..."Keep Calm and pretend it is on the lesson plan"...I liked that one.

    Luv My Kinders

  3. Thank You! Ohhh I like that mug! I figured I would check out etsy soon...they always have fun stuff on there!

  4. Thank You! Ohhh I like that mug! I figured I would check out etsy soon...they always have fun stuff on there!

  5. Love you blog! Sounds like a great birthday. Don't you just love living in Vegas- I love that restaurant too.


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