Saturday, April 25, 2015

5 For Friday...well maybe Saturday

Happy Saturday! I am a little late with my post but better late then never! I am exhausted! Anyone else out there? Spring time and the end of the taking its toll on me! Anyone else?
I am linking up for 5 for Friday.

We were working on measuring this week. I printed out flowers and plants around the room my students measured them in inches. Super easy!

We also grew our plants the past two weeks. Grass Heads! We practiced measuring along with learning all about plants. 

Long I Practice!!

This I have been reading over and over this week. A lot of the teachers at my school have been very negative. I am just trying to have a good end of the year with my students and have fun. I get annoyed by all the negative comments some times. Anyone else? 

We had teacher paint night! We had so much fun! What do you think?

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

5 for Friday! ~ Spring Break Addition!

Hello and Happy Spring Break! Well at least to me! Anyone else  have Sprint Break this past week? I have been enjoying the Vegas Sunshine and Pool! One great thing about living in Vegas is that I always know someone in town or have a friend who is going to the pool! Loving Life!
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for 5 on Friday for a SPRING BREAK ADDITION!

NuMbEr 1

Saw this and loved it!
I always listen to my friends who are NOT teachers, comments about how we have so much vacation and so many breaks. I try to explain to them that yes we do, but I work way more then you do! Most of my friends get it but there are always those people who think teaching is "easy". Anyone else have those? 

NuMbEr 2

I started out Spring Break at an 80's Birthday Party. We went as Prince and Madonna. We had the best costumes! And we had a ton of fun! If you are wondering about the basketball in Prince's hand....I was informed it went with a Dave Chapelle video. Apparently Prince is a VERY good basketball player. I watched the video before we went to the party so I would understand it. AND a good thing I did...Because, Literally EVERYONE had seen this video before expect me. !!
Check it Out Here....Prince is a Basketball Pro I swear everyone was quoting it all night! 

NuMbEr 3

I woke up to this on Wednesday. I had "egged" my friends house and car the night before with plastic eggs every where, So he got me back by doing this. I have another idea to do this weekend...

Saw this on pinterest. It is now my goal to do this to his car!

NuMbEr 4

Just out enjoying the pools! And showing off my muscles! HaHa. I do it all the time! I figure....If I got them I should Flex them and show them off right? I run and workout to keep them so....

NuMbeR 5

HAPPY EASTER! I hope everyone has an amazing Easter! Enjoy this time with your family and friends!