Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pinspired Thursday!

I am linking up with Just A Primary Girl for Pinspired Thursday! Even though it is still Wednesday for me! But I just got home from our Championship Kickball game...and we LOST! So I am not thrilled...nor is the rest of my team! We have won the past 7 seasons! So I figured why not BLOG, and go to bed in a better mood from this!

So I will start with what I now make for breakfast almost every day now! It is sooo good! And very healthy for you! I don't usually do the Chia seeds though. But I have put all types of fruit, strawberries and bananas are my favorite! I put it in a mason jar just like this and mix it all together the night before. So then when I wake up and am running out the door for school...or sitting in my backyard now on summer vacation...I just grab it and go! 

If you couldn't guess I love cupcakes! I think this pillow is adorable and would love to make one like this! Maybe a summer project? Think this is drawn on? I don't know if mine would look this neat. 

I love these labels! My mission is to make some like this to stick on my supply crates. 

I have lots of plans for this summer! I need to get started on all my projects! Maybe I will hold a craft night with my friends and make them do things for my classroom?! Good Idea! Huh?!

And like I said...I now feel much better...still ticked that we lost...BUT excited to be apart of this link party and to be a teacher! We are all amazing! I hope you are all enjoying your summer vacation or your last days of school! 

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