Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I am back for try number 2! Today's post is about clipart! And the fact that I am obsessed with it! I keep buying and downloading new sets before I even finish the projects I have started with the old clipart.  Do any of you do this? Everyone keeps creating cute clipart and I just keep snagging it up! 

So when I saw  First Grade Blue Skies  post about her handouts for the TpT Conference here in a couple of months...I had to take her advice. She talks about how to organize your clipart. This way you know what you have. Here is her whole post about how she organizes her ClipArt . So I went and downloaded her handouts from her TPT store and printed out my own "My CLIPART Stash and got started in organizing my own clipart. 
Isn't the cover just so adorable! See there I go again with the cute clipart! I can't seem to get enough of all the little people clipart! That is the cover of my binder. Then I went through file by file on my computer, just like First Grade Blue Skies then,  screen shot my folders, put them into slides on power points, printed and then put them into my binder!

I tried to group them together...so here are some Christmas cliparts that I own. (4 more pages on Christmas clipart!)
These are my newest cliparts...these are from Creative Clipart Summer VIP Pack!
These are some Back to School clipart that I have started to collect.

I think this has started to help me organize my thought and projects. This way I can go look through what I already own to see if I have what I need to create what I am working on. I wish I was as talented as some of these lovely ladies are when it comes to creating clipart!! Alright well that is all for now...I am off to enjoy a nice run in the sun and get ready to take my boyfriend out to dinner for his birthday!! 

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