Monday, June 9, 2014

Made It Monday and My 1st Post!!!


I am very new to this but I am very excited to give it a try! I am going to need lots of help! 

So a little info about myself....I am a 1st grade teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is very HOT here right now! Currently a high of 107!! HOT HOT HOT!  So that means I will be working very hard inside!  For the past 2 years I was a reading I worked with struggling readers on their phonics skills in grades K-5th. The truth is it was great...less reportcards, grading papers or parent conferences...but honestly it was boring. I missed the class more then heart just wasn't in it. So I decided to go back to the classroom. And since I have made that choice, I have been thrilled! I cannot wait to be back in the classroom working with the same group of students all year, watching them grow and learning everything with them. NOT just phonics!

Ok so I am going to try this LINK up thing...I am going to LINK up with 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made it linky....We will see if this works...

Here is a center I made for my kiddos to do at the end of the year. It is 8 beach themed sentences that students have to sort and put in order. They then have to write the sentences and draw a picture to match. My students really enjoy it. This is also in the teachers pay teacher store for only $2!Check it Out!

I have other ones I am working on for different seasons and holidays! My students really enjoyed using these at the end of the year for different in my groups. 

This is a craft a did a couple of weeks ago at Craft Night. I had 13 girl friends come over with their supplies...we crafted, ate, chit-chatted, and sipped a little wine. I try to hold one every month and my friends love it! This months craft was  Button Art. I ended up making 2 different pieces but I will just show you one today. 

I made this one to hang by my desk next year. We had a lot of fun and my friends created a lot of different things. We had a lot of button hearts, a button key, some button letters and even a button cupcake! (Which was my other one!)

Alright I think this is good for my 1st post! What do you think!? Follow me! I will be posting a lot of summer vacation with the different items I make! 

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  1. Hi! Saw your picture on Instagram - super cute new blog dear! I am also VERY new to blogging and it still seems very confusing (and time consuming!).

    I love that button art, I've seen it on pinterest and definitely want to try!



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