Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 for Friday- Week 2 of Summer Vaca!

Happyy Friday from Ohio! I have had a busy busy week! I feel like summer is flying by! Anyone else? It's time for 5 for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

This is from the other day when I was driving in Vegas. I thought the sun rays were so pretty! Just a great picture with the palm tree too.

Oh Target dollar section how I love you! Anyone else see these guys at their target, and snag them up? My students are going to be so excited to use these next year!

LateNight Trips to Walmart--So there is a pigeon problem! They built a nest on the neighbors roof and  they use Michael's backyard as they toilet. It is a bit funny watching him open the door and try to scare them away. He throws ice cubes at them and they run away as soon as he opens the curtains. So the next step is getting rid of the nest! Poor Peggy the Pigeon! Yes I named her Peggy! Anyways....we stopped at Walmart to pick up a water gun to shoot the nest away. I tell ya! 

Me sitting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight to Ohio, watching Jurassic World. My flight was delayed over 2 hours. So I had to entertain myself. Once we finally got on the plane they held us another hour! It took forever to leave! Then I slept the whole flight! I heart the red eye for that reason! 

OHIO! I made it! Sitting in my parents  backyard just enjoying the green and the flowers and the humidity!  VERY sticky! I'd take the 108 dry heat in Vegas any day but today...I was OK just relaxing in the outdoors. 

JACKPOT! I hit up a garage sale with my mom on the way back from the airport and they had TONS of puff balls! PERFECT for my puffy guys! I was pumped!! All those for $5!  


  1. Sounds like you've had a great week minus the nightmare delay!! Your parents yard looks amazing and so relaxing!

  2. Only a teacher can say "jackpot" from buying baggies filled with pom poms. And I can say this because I am a teacher and I say "jackpot" to an odd array of all kinds of items....poms poms, pointers, stickers, stamps, sheet protectors, the list goes on and on and on! Cute blog!


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