Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It

Another Monday Made It! Summer is coming to an end and I am very sad but very excited at the same time! I am going to miss my summer lazy pool days but I cannot wait till I get to meet my class and get started teaching them. 

I have been very busy this week with Kindergarten Summer Bridge (Summer School for our Kinders) Plus getting my classroom ready. I have 2 new teachers being added to my 1st grade team this year. They are right out of college....Oh to be young again (Ha look at me..I turn 30 and start being all sentimental and stuff.)  So they will need a lot of guidance on where to start and what to do. So I want to have my room ready before we have to head back for staff days! 

So I am linking up again with 4th Grade Frolics for another Monday Made It! 

I made another wreath! I posted it on my 5 for Friday because I could not wait to share it! I am in love it! I have not yet decided where it will go...either my front door or my classroom door. What are your thoughts? 

I have been very busy creating Language materials to go with the Common Core Standards. Do you guys use Common Core? This can be a Scoot or a Center for your students. They need to read the sentences on the card and decide what type of ending mark the sentence needs. It goes with Language Standard L1.2b. It is currently in my store so go CHECK IT OUT!

This is another Language activity I have created. This one is working with words that need to be capital. It also goes with a Common Core Standard L1.2a. This is also in my store right now. These are 2 standards I am started off the year with so I wanted to be prepared and have something fun for my students to work on pertaining to those standards. Click on the pictures to go to my store!

I also made some fun pointers for my students to use when reading the weekly poem, or reading the room. These were fun to make and I have lot more I will be creating as the year goes on. Some will be holiday themed and others will just be random ones. Super easy to make too! Just pick up some wood sticks from Michael's, some wooden cutouts also from Michael's. I used washi tape and duck tape on the sticks but I may paint some too in the long run. Then I hot glues the wooden cupouts and some ribbons to add a little bit more to them. Very Easy and my students normally LOVE them! 

Hope everyone has been a busy bee this week getting ready for school, enjoying their last few days of summer or enjoying their first days of school! 


  1. The wreath is adorable...I'd have to take it to school if I were you!
    Love the washi tape wrapped around your pointers! So much cuter than just leaving the plain wood showing.

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. I have a bin of pointers, too. Washi tape is a good add-on! Thanks. See you around. Kathleen

  3. Cute wreath! I'd bring it to school for sure.



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