Sunday, August 31, 2014


I cannot believe it is September already! This year is flying by! I can't believe it! I am linking up with this months Currently to Oh Boy it's 4th Grade

So Currently...

Listening to...Michael typing away in the other room. He is writing a work email at 10:41 at night while I blog and work away on a Sunday night! I am also listening to some Water Slide show..nothing else is on TV. But I now want to go to Costa Rica...there is a quarter mile slide down a mountain on it that goes 40MPH! Looks pretty neat! 

Loving...Having my own class again! I lover my first graders already! The past 2 years I have been a reading interventionist, and testing coordinator. It was alright...but I just didn't enjoy it enough. This year is going to be amazing though. I can feel it!

Thinking...I should go to bed soon because I am trying to get over being sick!

Wanting...TO GET BETTER! I got sick from the first week of school! I ran myself too thin. 5 days of working all day, 1 late night concert, open house, plus two long runs. I was running a little sleep and lots of coffee. I guess my students germs got to me. So Friday night I felt horrible! Did I mention my best friend is in town visiting this weekend and my parents! So I am trying to catch up on sleep, get better plus still hang out with everyone!
Did anyone else get sick from going back to school? Or am I just the weird one? clean my house! I have been so focused on getting my classroom ready for the first day of school, I have been slacking on my house! Oppps! 
Anyone else have this happen to them? I need to work on balancing everything out! 

Trips...Well I am adding Costa Rica after watching that cool water slide that is there. I would also love to go to Italy. I have been to Paris and loved it...people I know that have been to both say Italy is better. My mother being one of them! She went with my sister and her company last year for a trip. (I couldn't go because it was in September and I was already back in school!) I have always wanted to go to Seattle..I want to ride a fairy boat..I am a little of a Grays Anatomy Craze I think I am a fan of it because of the show. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend!!


  1. First of all I am craving cupcakes:) Congratulation on being back in the classroom and loving it. I am so with you when it comes to slacking on cleaning the house. We are on week 4 of school and I am finally in a routine, but the beginning of the school year is all consuming. I hope you feel better.
    2 Smart Wenches

  2. Alison, your blog is adorable! I'm so happy to have found another First Grade Teacher/blogger…there seems to be a giant group of us which must mean we are pretty awesome. You are not the only weird one that got sick the first week of school, I went back and July and fought a pretty mean head cold for 2 weeks! It was gross and awful…and exhausting, so I know how you feel. I have given up on trying to keep my house clean…there just aren't enough hours in the day and I figure I will get to it eventually haha…at least I hope so! I'm so glad I found your blog! Hang in there with that cold and enjoy your firsties!!

    Take care!


  3. I also need to do some Spring cleaning at my house & am thinking about bed, as I've been up since 4am. I hope you Get Well Soon!

  4. AHH balance, I totally agree!! Just got done cleaning and rewarding myself with Currently reading!! Hope you feel better!!!


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