Saturday, April 9, 2016

5 for Friday: Spring Time

Wow! This year is just flying by! I stay so busy with school and extra life stuff that I am slacking on the blog and my TPT store! I am just trying to continue going right along with the rest of year. I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday...or Saturday for that matter. HaHa! Better late then never right!

This is HUGE! I got nominated for The Heart of Education Award in Las Vegas. And I am one of the finalist! I am so excited! The chances of winning or being one of the top 20 is very slim but you never know! So please go vote for me!! I am the 18th one down! Alison Gardner

I saw this on someones instagram this week and I could not stop laughing! This is so my students this year! I swear they eat them! Especially my student that I just got. I swear she goes through 10 a day! Anyone else have this problem! 

Wayne Newton and the Killers at the new T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas! This concert was amazing! My mom flew in to go with us! Oh did I mention is was a school night! And the concert did not end till midnight! I may have been a bit tired on Thursday. 

But this was my fuel! This is how I made it through the day! Venti Latte and a donut!! 

Here is the link to the activity! I know there are others but I have used this one the past few years and totally love it!

Guess what we did Friday to finish up our contractions! Contraction Surgery! My students loved it more then anything! They were so engaged and could explain it to everyone that walked in the door! I had my Principal and Asst. Principal come in and see the lesson. They loved it too! This is my first year at this school, the past 9 I was at another one. 

I set everything up the night before so when we walked into school we were ready to begin our surgeries. 

This little girl was so excited to be a doctor and couldn't wait to go home and tell her mom all about it! 

They were all just working away!



  1. Oh my gosh! I love your contraction surgery! I will have to try that, they will love it! congrats on your nomination, it is always so wonderful to be recognized for all the work and love you put into this job/career/obsession! Again, I love love love your contraction activity. Gotta try it! Paula

  2. Great job being recognized and being a finalist! I hope you win! Enjoy your week!


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