Friday, December 18, 2015

5 for Friday- WINTER BREAK!

Happy Friday! I survived the last week before Christmas Break!! BARELY! I am linking up with 5 for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share a few things that we did this past week! 

I am exhausted! But it was all worth it! This week is usually one of the most fun with my students. I love watching their little faces light up from different things in my classroom! 

We read the Grinch and did lots of different activities with it. Character Traits, Character Changes, Adjectives. They had so much. So I figured I would surprise them with some Grinch Cookies! Look at how adorable they look! They tasted yummy and were very easy to make too! Which was a double bonus! 

I figured Sparkie Red our elf could deliver them to us! 

Sparkie Red was up to no good all week and my students loved it! They walked in every day so excited to see what he was up to! I had them write in an Elf Journal every day  about what he was doing. It helped us practice days of the week, writing the date, and writing simple sentences. 

Look at these pretty flowers my fellow coworker made for me! Aren't they lovely! She said this is how she destresses! I wish I was this talented! 

 These are the Christmas ornaments my students made for their parents! They used their finger prints for the reindeer head, and one for the body of the snowmen. This was the simplest parent gift and my students loved making them. They took such pride in them and then they got to wrap them themselves. I will just say that my 1st graders are not the best wrappers but it was the cutest thing watching them do it. Do you let your students wrap their own gifts? 

 So 1 look at my table! I made table clothes on my students tables  with butcher paper. I am not sure who loved them or them! I take full credit on these....Apples and ABCs posted it on Instagram because someone decorated their staff lounge with these and I just had to do them in my room. 

We decorated cupcakes at our Christmas party! They really enjoyed this! They all looked completely different and I loved them! We put them in cups and wrapped them up for them to take home! 

I hope everyone made it through their last week and last day! Now it is time to enjoy the holidays with our families and relax! Happy Holidays everyone! 

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  1. Love your tables...and I love the idea of wrapping up the cupcake and taking it HOME, lol!


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