Thursday, April 2, 2015

5 for Friday! ~ Spring Break Addition!

Hello and Happy Spring Break! Well at least to me! Anyone else  have Sprint Break this past week? I have been enjoying the Vegas Sunshine and Pool! One great thing about living in Vegas is that I always know someone in town or have a friend who is going to the pool! Loving Life!
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for 5 on Friday for a SPRING BREAK ADDITION!

NuMbEr 1

Saw this and loved it!
I always listen to my friends who are NOT teachers, comments about how we have so much vacation and so many breaks. I try to explain to them that yes we do, but I work way more then you do! Most of my friends get it but there are always those people who think teaching is "easy". Anyone else have those? 

NuMbEr 2

I started out Spring Break at an 80's Birthday Party. We went as Prince and Madonna. We had the best costumes! And we had a ton of fun! If you are wondering about the basketball in Prince's hand....I was informed it went with a Dave Chapelle video. Apparently Prince is a VERY good basketball player. I watched the video before we went to the party so I would understand it. AND a good thing I did...Because, Literally EVERYONE had seen this video before expect me. !!
Check it Out Here....Prince is a Basketball Pro I swear everyone was quoting it all night! 

NuMbEr 3

I woke up to this on Wednesday. I had "egged" my friends house and car the night before with plastic eggs every where, So he got me back by doing this. I have another idea to do this weekend...

Saw this on pinterest. It is now my goal to do this to his car!

NuMbEr 4

Just out enjoying the pools! And showing off my muscles! HaHa. I do it all the time! I figure....If I got them I should Flex them and show them off right? I run and workout to keep them so....

NuMbeR 5

HAPPY EASTER! I hope everyone has an amazing Easter! Enjoy this time with your family and friends! 

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